The Best Iraqi Dinar Resource Websites

February 26, 2015

Here is a list of the Iraqi Dinar websites we have chosen.

#1 is Dinar Recaps because they have information from everyone.

TNT Dinar

tnt dinar this is the official TNT Tony dinar site.  There is a replay of his phone calls every other day.  A disclaimer I must provide is this: Tony has made claims that he has contacts in Iraq about the GCR, but to this date, it still has not happened.

Baghdad invest wrote about TNT Dinar and exposed a slip up that Tony (Anthony Renfrow) made.

Iraqi Dinar and Global Currency Reset is a feed site about the GCR (Global Currency Reset) and the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.  It’s kind of a rapid fire type of site, quick article links and boom, you are right on the dinar site which the article originated from. is a WordPress Blogsite about the Global Currency Reset.  This is a bit similar to the one I have listed above.  It’s a free blog with a real basic design.  He is very critical of dinar sites and especially TNT Tony.  Nonetheless, it is informative.

I think the best thing we can all do is really do research on the Iraqi Dinar and decide if it really is going to revalue anytime soon.  The thing that might happen first is that the United States dollar will be devalued.

If that happens, does it really matter what the IQD is worth?  in my opinion, we shouldn’t worry about the dinars as much as our own debt.  We should pay off debt.

IQD Calls this page on the IQD calls focuses on the Iraqi Dinar RV and Global Currency Reset.

nick giammarino

Dinar Guru Nick Giammarino has stated that people should focus non on conference calls, but on preparing for the Global Currency reset.

The video below is a recent upload about the Iraqi Dinar.

Here is a recently uploaded Iraqi Dinar video that is very informative.

Below is what the new 25k (25,000) IQD note looks like, make sure you recognize their new currency.

iraqi dinar

Here is link to the iTunes podcast for the Global Currency Reset

Feel free to contact us if you feel we should update our list of Iraqi Dinar websites, we will be more than happy to check yours out.


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