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Dinar Vets Guru Website Hacked

Hi everyone,

I must admit that I have been away from posting on this Iraqi Dinar website for the better part of a year. For this article, I will discuss how Dinar Vets has been hacked by some kind of malware injection.

Obviously we know the site is run by Adam Montana, real name is James Wolf according to some quick searches on the internet.

See the YouTube video below:

This video does not really explain that this problem has been going on for the last several months.

Here are a few links to websites that are discussing Dinar Vets:
Scoop It – Iraqi Dinar

Finally here is the last link:

Dinar Vets post by Dinar

I previously wrote about the whole dinar guru issue.

For the longest time the site pumped the sales of Iraqi dinars. Yes they post dinar news on the currency of Iraq, but the vets site is just as bad as the guru site. They both mention the dinar revaluation as if it is about to happen. The vets site has a forum and blog so people can trade news on the RV.

Check out this screenshot found on Twitter
dinar vets hacked

Recaps is another rumor site, as is Dinar Daddy and Detectives. The best thing to do is look at the official exchange rate and translate the news yourself, that way you won’t be deceived.

The website is pumping the sales of other currencies besides the IQD.  See the picture below:

dinar vets ad for buyvnd scam

Here is a Facebook page that mentions the Iraqi Currency and also other news on the currency itself.

Dinar Vets and Going Forward

Going forward, I suggest you wait until they get their hacked site repaired before you infect your computer or phone.

My hope is that people are starting to understand that the gurus want to do nothing more than make a few bucks at the expense of others.

Feel free to share this article with anyone. The video is worth watching as it was done live.

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