Dinar Vets Guru Website Hacked

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I must admit that I have been away from posting on this Iraqi Dinar website for the better part of a year. For this article, I will discuss how Dinar Vets has been hacked by some kind of malware injection.

Obviously we know the site is run by Adam Montana, real name is James Wolf according to some quick searches on the internet.

See the YouTube video below:

This video does not really explain that this problem has been going on for the last several months.

Here are a few links to websites that are discussing Dinar Vets:
Scoop It – Iraqi Dinar


Finally here is the last link:

Dinar Vets post by Dinar Daily.net

I previously wrote about the whole dinar guru issue.

For the longest time the site pumped the sales of Iraqi dinars. Yes they post dinar news on the currency of Iraq, but the vets site is just as bad as the guru site. They both mention the dinar revaluation as if it is about to happen. The vets site has a forum and blog so people can trade news on the RV.

Check out this screenshot found on Twitter
dinar vets hacked

Recaps is another rumor site, as is Dinar Daddy and Detectives. The best thing to do is look at the official exchange rate and translate the news yourself, that way you won’t be deceived.

The website is pumping the sales of other currencies besides the IQD.  See the picture below:

dinar vets ad for buyvnd scam

Here is a Facebook page that mentions the Iraqi Currency and also other news on the currency itself.

Dinar Vets and Going Forward

Going forward, I suggest you wait until they get their hacked site repaired before you infect your computer or phone.

My hope is that people are starting to understand that the gurus want to do nothing more than make a few bucks at the expense of others.

Feel free to share this article with anyone. The video is worth watching as it was done live.

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The Best Iraqi Dinar Resource Websites

February 26, 2015

Here is a list of the Iraqi Dinar websites we have chosen.

#1 is Dinar Recaps because they have information from everyone.

TNT Dinar

tnt dinar

http://www.tntdinar.com/ this is the official TNT Tony dinar site.  There is a replay of his phone calls every other day.  A disclaimer I must provide is this: Tony has made claims that he has contacts in Iraq about the GCR, but to this date, it still has not happened.

Baghdad invest wrote about TNT Dinar and exposed a slip up that Tony (Anthony Renfrow) made.

Iraqi Dinar and Global Currency Reset

https://www.diigo.com/user/globalreset is a feed site about the GCR (Global Currency Reset) and the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.  It’s kind of a rapid fire type of site, quick article links and boom, you are right on the dinar site which the article originated from.

https://globalcurrencyreset.wordpress.com/ is a WordPress Blogsite about the Global Currency Reset.  This is a bit similar to the one I have listed above.  It’s a free blog with a real basic design.  He is very critical of dinar sites and especially TNT Tony.  Nonetheless, it is informative.

I think the best thing we can all do is really do research on the Iraqi Dinar and decide if it really is going to revalue anytime soon.  The thing that might happen first is that the United States dollar will be devalued.

If that happens, does it really matter what the IQD is worth?  in my opinion, we shouldn’t worry about the dinars as much as our own debt.  We should pay off debt.

IQD Calls http://www.iqdcalls.com/globalcurrencyreset.html this page on the IQD calls focuses on the Iraqi Dinar RV and Global Currency Reset.

nick giammarino

Dinar Guru Nick Giammarino has stated that people should focus non on conference calls, but on preparing for the Global Currency reset.

The video below is a recent upload about the Iraqi Dinar.

Here is a recently uploaded Iraqi Dinar video that is very informative.

Below is what the new 25k (25,000) IQD note looks like, make sure you recognize their new currency.

iraqi dinar

Here is link to the iTunes podcast for the Global Currency Reset

Feel free to contact us if you feel we should update our list of Iraqi Dinar websites, we will be more than happy to check yours out.


Update about Currency Dealers

Currency Sellers and Iraqi Dinar Calls

I just want to make this very quick.  It seems to me that around the year 2011 you have a large surge in the number of Iraqi Dinar sellers and this also spanned a whole group of Dinar conference calls.

Obviously, I have already written about TNT Tony, and you know that he once said that he works for Sterling Currency Group.

So what are we to believe?  That there are no dealers making money directly from the Iraqi Dinar conference call pumpers?

When did it all start?

If you check archive.org you will see that around 2011-2012 most of the dinar companies and dinar calls came into fruition.  Was this just an accident?  Was it a lucky chance?  No, I firmly believe that the companies are working hand and hand to push the sales of the Iraqi Dinar.

There are people like TNTBS and Nick Giammarino who are spreading the truth about the Iraqi Dinar, and it’s good we have these guys.

I will do a followup in the near future, mainly, I wanted to post this because I felt drawn to the calls myself in the beginning, but now, I’ve changed my mindset.

Here is the fact, people like TNT Tony have been lying, just read my post here: http://www.bellsouthcorp.com/the-best-iraqi-dinar-resource-websites/

and here: http://www.bellsouthcorp.com/iraq-dinar-guru-information-who-is-correct/

I really want this blog to be more than just one guy complaining about dinar gurus, dinar pumpers and fake intel, but so far, I think I’ve failed at that.

Iraq Dinar Guru Information – Who is Correct

Iraqi Dinar Guru – Truth or Lies?

October 1, 2014

What is an Iraqi Dinar Guru?  That’s the purpose of this post.  It seems that more and more, I’m just going about my daily business when I hear people mention that I need to check out a dinar guru and I’m really starting to think that maybe people have gone mad.

The beginning of my Dinar Guru calls

I started by listening to this guy called TNT Tony back early this year (2014) and let me tell you, I honestly believed him.  I would get to bed early so I could wake up and listen to his early morning calls, which were eventually moved to a later time, the point was, I was hooked.  I believed that the Iraqi dinar was going to revalue at a rate of $3.71 or later $32 I think he said.  The fact was this: after two months, none of what TNT Tony said had ever materialized, I mean, I spent so much time listening to those calls, but when I got tired of the Dinar Guru TNT Tony, I started to research for myself.  I found a bunch of other dinar gurus like Okie and Nick G and Terry and DC and the list just goes on and on.  TNT Dinar is a site by TNT Tony, but I don’t think you should visit it.

When things changed regarding the Dinar Guru guys

I came across this guy Nick G, and his site global currency reset and instantly knew that this guy was different.  For one, he didn’t call a revaluation everyday on his posts, and his podcast actually contained information that I could cross reference, so I knew I could at least give him more trust than Tony.  At this point, I gave up the regular sites that promise a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and focus only on what Nick G puts out.  Even though I might not agree with everything he says, he does make some really good points.

There was a recent article on Forbes about the dinar that will really wake you up.  Anyways, so I’ve pretty much had it with these dinar calls, I try to only focus my time on real information, I don’t get to bed early anymore, and thanks to Nick I can sleep well knowing full well that if anything important happens, he will tell me first.

Here is an image I pulled off of the global reset site of TNT Tony

tnt tony dinar guru

Here is Nick G

iraqi dinar news today